A unique sensor based on optical fiber technology

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TPHASE: not only a sensor, but also an Ecosystem

applications with TPhase

Detect any temperature variation, wherever it occurs along the fiber

The source module launches a light wave at one end of the fiber and the sensor decodes at the other end of the fiber the resulting interferometry pattern that reflects the temperature profile and the location.

Communication with externals work-flows

TPhase can be connected directly to existing fire detection center of all brands, to all types of Building Management Systems (BMS) using Industrials protocols, ethernet, wireless connections (WiFi, SigFox, LoraWan,...), in order to be integrated in your infrastructure or in our Cloud Based Platform.

An ecosystem with features

With TPhase, you are able to collect, analyse and visualize data. Moreover, you can trigger alarms with complex event processing by pushing device data to your infrastructure or in our Cloud Based Platform.


High sensitivity, non-conductive, electrically passive
Insensitive to electromagnetic interference
Low power, low consumption, low losses
From -40 °C to +/- 1200 °C

The measurement is made along the optical fiber

Critical environments

TPhase optical fiber operates in ATEX and corrosive environments

Platform integration

Designed to support standard integration protocols and IoT Platforms

TPhase integration on existing installations

It is possible to use the optical fiber already installed and operated, as TPhase do not use conventional telecom wavelength.

Preventing issues & Insights

To optimize or act instantly using predictive analysis and processing data in real time


We are able to design use-case specific features


TPhase can be used in many applications

Electrical overheating

Minimum threshold of detection of a variation: 0.01 °C/min

Fire start detection
Cable theft & intrusion detection

Max distance measurement per sensor via optical fiber: 2km (standard) and upto 15 km

Any project... ?

Our Uses Cases

Below are some use cases and applications. There is probably a solution for your project

Pipeline leaks

Air Liquide

Overheating Of Underground Cables

Ores & Laborelec

Fires In Ventilation Ducts Monitoring

The Hotel Brussels

Cables theft


ATEX & Tanks Monitoring


Circuit breaker monitoring


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